Good Paraffin Grafting Tape - Single Non-Perforated Roll 1"x30yds 90feet 1080"

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 Paraffin Grafting Tape is the Good choice for any bonsai grafting needs!

Compared to other types of grafting tape, this one has been the greatest at allowing the tree to breathe air while keeping water out. It has the right porosity to ensure the success of the graft. You can use the same tape for a long period of time without any dip in health for your tree.

It's very stretchy so you can really get a tight binding when you are wrapping your grafting area on your tree. It's self adhesive so you don't need to worry about applying any messy glue to get a strong steal.

The  Paraffin Grafting Tape has a milky white transparent appearance, making it a foggy kind of clear look when applied.

Be aware that this is the non-perforated version. You can easily cut what length you need to use on your tree with a sharp pair of scissors.


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