Pure Super Hard ( Fired ) Akadama Bonsai Soil - Extra Small Size 2 to 3+ mm 18 lbs

Made in Japan
Please note that this is a natural product from the Earth. There may be some dust and finer soil particles that form during the shipping process when the third party carrier delivers your order.
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Approximate Grain Size: About 2 to 3+ mm


This Super Hard Fired Akadama is a tougher version of the mineral rich granular "clay ball" soil that bonsai lovers from all over the world have come to depend on. The high temperature baking process has given the soil its harder texture that doesn't break down as easily when potted. It's highly prized for its plant nutrition and good water retention & drainage in bonsai. It's more expensive than other soils. But this medium truly does do amazing things; especially for large specimen bonsai trees.

We recommend that you use this in a humid area; preferably with long rainy seasons. When dry, it has a light reddish tan to dark peachy brown color that turns dark burgundy brown when wet. Please use a rocky soil (such as lava rock or decomposed granite) in combination with this for optimal usage to add drainage and to prevent rot rotting from water-logging. The soil will be repackaged from its original manufacturer's bag to fit into USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box. It will weigh approximately 18 lbs.

Due to the higher labor associated with manufacturing the extra small size, it will be a bit more expensive compared to the other sizes of the Pure Super Hard (Fired) Akadama Bonsai Soil we have available for purchase.


Price: Product $42.00 + USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box $15.45 = $57.45 Total



Special Notes about Bonsai Soil Packaging for Shipping:

  • All bonsai soils (including imported ones) will be repackaged to better fit into the shipping box. They will be bagged on the inside of the box to keep it clean upon arrival.
  • We do not wish to ship imported bonsai soils in their original bag because it is VERY EXPENSIVE to ship them in their original manufacturer’s bag as seen in the product picture. It is more cost-effective for us to pack and ship them into USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes!
  • For all imported bonsai soils (such as Akadama, Kiryuzuna, Hyuga, Kanuma, etc) we cut open one of the manufacturer’s bags and fill the shipping box. All bonsai soils are new and unused!

If you wish, we can fold up and pack the original manufacturer’s bag into the shipping box with your bonsai soil so you can see it for yourself it is the same bag as seen in the product picture. Please leave a note/comment on your order that you want the manufacturer’s bag to be included!


(!) Bonsai Soil Is Not Eligible for Combined Shipping Discount: (!)
Due to the heavy weight nature of our bonsai soil, they will be shipped out in their own individual shipping boxes via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate. They are not eligible for combined shipping with other items since they take up almost the entire volume of the inside of the shipping box. If we attempt to put them together into bigger boxes, there is a VERY HIGH RISK of the shipping box bursting open and spilling its contents during transit to your destination. Plus it may be too difficult to move a heavy box that is over 35 lbs. We're sorry for any inconvenience that this shipping safety policy may cause.

House of Bonsai sources good soil and soil aggregates from The United States of America and imports from various Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, etc. We verify that they are pre-screened and pre-sifted by the manufacturers before we bring them into our bonsai nursery. Please note that most pre-bagged soils will be cut open from their original manufacturer's bag packaging to be re-fitted into a cardboard box for shipping purposes. They are all considered "natural products" as they originate from being dug up and/or mined from the Earth. During the transit process, there may be some dust and finer soil particles that form as the box is being moved from distribution centers, trailers and delivery trucks. We make sure that all soil and soil aggregates that are shipped out to our customers are "clean and unused", so you will get the pure product specified in its product descriptions.