Retuse Fig (Ficus Retusa) with Aerial Roots Gift Ready Bonsai Tree - Medium

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Species: Ficus retusa
Age: About 7 - 8 Years
Height: About 5 - 6 Inches
Trunk Size: About  2 - 3 Inches
Lighting: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Type: Evergreen & Semi-Tropical (Likes to be kept in warmer climates)
Difficulty: Easy


This low maintenance tree has a very unique look to it! Its exposed thick and thin roots standing high above the soil level compared to most other trees. It has big shiny pointed leaves that stay all year round. A fantastic eye catcher for your home or office!

Even thought it can easily be kept indoors, please make sure to place it by a sunny window or a brightly lit room. Ficus do not like to live in frosty conditions. It can be kept outside in the summer as long as temperatures are above 60°F (15°C). It requires a lot of light, preferably full sunlight, so be sure not to place it in a dark & shady location. The ambient temperature should be kept relatively constant for them to thrive. They can endure low humidity due to their thick, waxy leaves, but they prefer higher humidity and need extremely high humidity to develop any aerial roots.


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The following pictures are general images of each species. Each tree looks slightly different due to the shape, trimming and season of the year. If you want a particular tree as exactly pictured, please go to our eBay store.