About Us

Thank you for wanting to know more about us here at House of Bonsai! We're flattered by your curiosity. :)


House of Bonsai was started by Victoria Lee back in 1990 as a small shop-in-shop space inside a larger florist shop in Downtown Los Angeles. After she was able to save up enough money, in 1995, the bonsai trees moved into a small outdoor nursery space in South Gate. Some of our earliest customers will remember that we used to be behind Target near Garfield Ave & Firestone Blvd. At the time, it was half a bonsai plant nursery and also half general plant nursery to keep the lights on.

In 2001, the business moved onto the 5.3 acre lot which is our current location at 5214 Palo Verde Ave Lakewood, CA 90713. With this major expansion, we shifted gears to focus exclusively on bonsai. Harnessing a great vision and intense passion, House of Bonsai became a famous hub for the bonsai community in California and nationwide.

When the Main Greenhouse was being built there were many naysayers that thought Victoria was crazy to pour so much money and labor into a large permanent structure. There were others that didn't think the store would last long. However, like our trees, our business grows stronger and more beautiful with time and dedication. We aim to serve the public for as long as possible.


We hope that you will visit us to share in our love of all things bonsai. See you soon!