Bonsai Club Directory

House of Bonsai is very active on participating in the Californian bonsai scene. We're the favorite store that many clubs, instructors, hobbyists and enthusiasts source their materials from for all of their bonsai needs.


Here's a list of California based bonsai clubs and organizations:

Golden State Bonsai Federation

South Coast Bonsai Association

Kofu Bonsai Kai

Orange County Bonsai Society

Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai

Sansui Kai

San Diego Bonsai Club

Kusamura Bonsai Club

Sacramento Bonsai Club

Modesto Bonsai Club

Napa Valley Bonsai Club

Bay Island Bonsai

Fresno Bonsai Society

Mother Lode Bonsai Club

American Bonsai Association Sacramento

Marin Bonsai Club

East Bay Bonsai Society

Redwood Empire Bonsai Society

Amador Bonsai Society

Yamato Bonsai Kai



We can add out-of-state bonsai clubs and organizations upon request!


If you don't see your bonsai related group in this listing, please email us at houseofbonsai@gmail.comwith a link to your homepage to be added to this page.