Deciduous Bonsai

This category contains all of our deciduous bonsai trees. They drop their leaves at the end of fall to get ready for their winter hibernation and regrow new foliage during the following spring. There may possibly be flowering and/or fruiting bonsai varieties listed here as well. Often times, deciduous bonsai have gorgeous wide color and hue variations to them versus the same shades of green that you get with evergreen bonsai.

Winter Shipping Notice: Please note that during the mid to late fall months, deciduous trees will lose all of their leaves/foliage to go into dormancy for winter. They will have barren branches and will be extra sensitive to shipping stress during mid-fall and all of winter. If we try to ship them during this dormancy time, it is considered extremely high risk. We reserve the right to refuse to take orders for these trees during their dormancy period from around October to February.