Stone Lanterns & Other Granite Decorations

This category contains our entire catalog of heavyweight hand-carved granite Japanese & Asian Garden Landscaping decorations (generally referred to as "stone lantern"). We have them listed into different styles such as stone lanterns, stone benches, stone temples, water basins, animal statues, etc.

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(!Stone Lantern Origin Notice: (!)

Most of our stone lantern items are Japanese replicas that are made from master stonecutters in China. To attempt to bring in the authentic Japanese versions would be extremely expensive; usually 3x to more than 5x the price! Please be aware that these replicas could still run you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars due to the artisan labor to hand-cut them, granite costs, extreme weight, and import costs to bring them over the Pacific Ocean and into our store in Lakewood, CA 90713. We would prefer to continue to have these "Made in China" versions in our store so that our customers are able to enjoy the Japanese aesthetic without costing them a huge fortune to achieve the desired look. Our hopes are to make having a Japanese Garden Landscape design approachable and reasonably priced to the general public.