Stone Water Basins & Bird Baths

This subcategory contains all of our heavyweight hand-carved stone water basins and bird baths. These water basins are often paired with deer scarers or a water feature for the water to collect in the center then gently flow down the sides for a calming effect. Bird baths can offer a nice location to attract birds to your yard for seasonal interest. Both will add a charming element in your yard's garden design.


Special Notice About Shipping-Caused Damages VS Minor Flaws (This is a general industry standard held by most natural stone decorative product vendors!)

This is the case for ANY of our natural stone products such as: stone lanterns, water basins, bridges, statues, etc. Large plainly obvious damage/breakage is quite rare due to the dense material. Stone is hard. But we will gladly submit an insurance claim to assist with replacing any piece that suffered shipping-caused damage OR we may be able to provide a partial refund credit if the damage is repairable by the customer.

Minor flaws and irregularities sometimes will occur during the stone cutting and crafting process!

Most items will undergo a flame-thermal treatment at the end of production process to give the finished surface a more consistent and uniform texture overall. Real natural stone will sometimes react inconsistently during this process and irregular surfaces will occur. The stone cutting manufacturers feel this is a completely NORMAL and expected part of the cutting and crafting of these natural stone decorative pieces. They feel that it adds an authenticity to them on being a real natural product from the Earth; setting them apart from artificial cast or molded imitations.

We do not offer refunds or partial credits for this type of natural condition of the stone material. We will not ship an item if we feel we would not want it in our own personal gardens since these are high value items. We are also unable to submit any package insurance claims regarding these type of minor flaws.



(!) Stone Lantern Origin Notice: (!)

Most of our stone lantern items are Japanese replicas that are made from master stonecutters in China. To attempt to bring in the authentic Japanese versions would be extremely expensive; usually 3x to more than 5x the price! Please be aware that these replicas could still run you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars due to the artisan labor to hand-cut them, granite costs, extreme weight, and import costs to bring them over the Pacific Ocean and into our store in Lakewood, CA 90713. We would prefer to continue to have these "Made in China" versions in our store so that our customers are able to enjoy the visual Japanese aesthetic without costing them a huge fortune to achieve the desired look. Our hopes are to make having a Japanese Garden Landscape design approachable and reasonably priced to the general American public.