Bonsai Secret Soils - Elvan Stone & Zeolite

This category contains all of our different sizes of our "bonsai secret soils" of Elvan Stone & Zeolite bonsai aggregate/soil available for purchase. Both are great soils to mix in small quantities to any bonsai soil recipe that you wish to use on your trees!


You've probably never heard of Elvan Stone or Zeolite! But this stuff is an amazing addition to any bonsai soil mix that you may be using at home (whether you bought it from us or not)! The bonsai secret soils are now open to the public!


Elvan Stone is a special type of Mineral Adamantine Stone that has been beloved for thousands of years in Korea, China and Japan for its super purification capabilities. It has been known to absorb & dissolve various pollutants, bacteria, and heavy metals in the body. Additionally, it has a strong deodorizing capacity and adjusts the pH level of water to better suit the body's hydration needs. Elvan Stone is an important ingredient in Eastern Medicine.

Zeolite is a very naturally rich mineral rock that's been crushed to use as a soil. It gives your tree a big boost in strong growth by buffering down the soil's pH level and removes harmful gases. By doing so, it builds up resistance against root rot, plant diseases, frost damage and neutralized chemical residues. It has sharp edges on all of its pebbles to help promote lots of root growth.


(!) PLEASE NOTE: (!)

Due to the ongoing global logistics crisis, (as of 1/19/2022) House of Bonsai is now limiting the purchase of ALL imported bonsai soils to a maximum of 5 bags total per person

We are doing this to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to purchase imported bonsai soils from our limited inventory. Restocking is very slow and may cause certain sizes to not be available for long periods of time.

Any orders containing more than 5 will be subject to a full refund upon review during the fulfillment process. You may purchase either 5 of the same type & size of imported bonsai soil or mix and match whatever your needs are.

We apologize for the major inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time.