Aggregates for Bonsai

This subcategory contains all of our aggregates that can be used in many different kinds of bonsai soil mixes and recipes. They are further sorted by what type they are. Please make your selection on what specific type of aggregate soil that you need for bonsai use.


(!) PLEASE NOTE: (!)

Due to the ongoing global logistics crisis, (as of 1/19/2022) House of Bonsai is now limiting the purchase of ALL imported bonsai soils to a maximum of 5 bags total per person

We are doing this to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to purchase imported bonsai soils from our limited inventory. Restocking is very slow and may cause certain sizes to not be available for long periods of time.

Any orders containing more than 5 will be subject to a full refund upon review during the fulfillment process. You may purchase either 5 of the same type & size of imported bonsai soil or mix and match whatever your needs are.

We apologize for the major inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time.