Unglazed Ceramic Pots

This category contains all of our ceramic/clay bonsai pots that are brown in color due to having no paint color on them; hence the name unglazed. Most of the pots you'll see in this category will be variations on light to dark brown. They will all be pots that show off the natural color of the clay after being fired in a kiln.

For die-hard traditional bonsai enthusiasts, this category is for you if you wish to avoid glazed color pots for a more "pure" look where the pot doesn't distract too much from viewing the bonsai tree.

Shipping Bonsai Pots Cost:
Due to their breakable nature and often heavy weight for their size, all of our bonsai pots have have manual flat rate shipping costs associated with them. If you're being in multiples, please email us your Order # and we will see how much we're able to refund you once we package your pots into boxes for delivery.