Sell To Us - Become Our Supplier

House of Bonsai is always in the search for new suppliers to partner up with to maintain our vast inventory for all things related to bonsai year-round. We especially are interested in expanding our suppliers network due to the global pandemic shortages impacting the supply chain for many industries all over the world.

If you have any products and/or services that you think may be useful to us, please fill out the contact form below with more information about what you have to sell to us and if we like it, we will get in touch with you soon.


Example List of Products We're Interested In:

  • Plants that could be used in Bonsai (mostly Dwarf varieties)
  • Bonsai Pots - Glazed in Many Colors and Unglazed but only in Medium Brown or Dark Brown clay color
  • Cascade Bonsai Pots - Good ones are hard to come by lately
  • Bonsai Tools - All different kinds
  • Bonsai Training Wire
  • Bonsai Figurines (mainly Mudmen but other kinds are okay)
  • Bonsai Plastic Humidity and Display Trays
  • Bonsai Wooden Trays and Dais
  • Suiseki Supplies
  • Suiban Pots and Trays