Bonsai Clinic (for Sick or Dying Bonsai)


Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind?
Why does my bonsai have any bugs/pests on it?
Is it growing some weird looking stuff on the bark?
Why are the leaves turning yellow/brown?
I think my pet(s) might have damage my trees...
I went on vacation and now it’s dying!

Oh somebody, please!
Just help me get my bonsai tree healthy again!
I don’t know what to do..... HELP!!!!

Never fear - House of Bonsai is here!
Just bring your sick tree to us as soon as possible.

Our staff will diagnose it and let you know what is wrong with your tree and how to avoid it from happening again. We’ll give you a proper treatment plan to deal with the problem(s), step by step. If you think the work is too much for you and/or you don’t have enough time, simply leave the tree(s) with us and we’ll try our best to bring it back to full health for you.

Special Note:
We at House of Bonsai CAN NOT 100% guarantee the success of a full recovery if you choose to leave any of your trees in our care. Depending on the bonsai’s condition upon check-in, the total recuperation time will vary widely. The earlier you bring it to us, the better!