Bonsai Tree Rentals (for Parties or Special Events)

House of Bonsai offers a Bonsai Tree Rental service for those that wish to have a tree for a short while from our bonsai nursery.
>>  Perfect for event planners and party planners!  <<
Bonsai Tree Rental Procedure:
  • Final Cost = 25% of the Retail Price of Per Bonsai Tree Per Day
      • i.e. For a Single $100.00 Bonsai Tree, it will be $25.00 Per Day to Rent One
      • i.e. For 5 $40.00 Bonsai Trees, it will be $50.00 Per Day to Rent All 5 Together
  • Included in Daily Rental Cost: Loading Tree(s) into Your Vehicle at Pick Up, Touch Up Work to Branches and Cover Topsoil in Decorative Rock Layer, Wipe Down All Sides of Pots to Remove Dirt Stains, Spraying Leaf Shine on All Leaves to Give Shiny Appearance

  • Deposit: Full Retail Price of Bonsai Tree(s) payment will need to be received to reserve rental trees!
  • To receive your refund of the difference after the daily rental cost, all of the trees will need to pass visual inspect for any major damages while it was in use as a rental. If major damage is noticed, we will not accept that bonsai tree and charge you for the full retail price as if it was a normal purchase from the store.
Please Keep The Following In Mind:
  • Please send a representative to come into the store beforehand to select which bonsai tree(s) that you wish to rent. We'd rather someone pick them out and pay the full deposit in person at the Main Greenhouse. Once payment has been received, we can immediately have our staff begin the Pre-Rental Touch Up Work while you wait and tour the bonsai nursery some more. Once they are ready, we can give you a call to unlock your vehicle to begin loading.

  • But if you're short on time, you can trust us to select some for you and we can take the payment over the phone so we can begin the Pre-Rental Touch Up Work on the bonsai tree(s). Once they are ready, we can give you a call to pick them up.

  • (!) When returning the bonsai tree rentals, please make sure to come before 4:00 pm so we can have our staff have plenty of time to do the visual inspection to receive your refund of the difference after the daily rental cost. (!)
If you're still interested, please call to speak with the owner Victoria to make rental arrangements during business hours from Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.