Bonsai Workshop (Learn From Us)

Did you need a place to learn about bonsai hands on & in person?
Then come to one of our Bonsai Workshop sessions!


Beginners & Intermediates Bonsai Workshop

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of Each Month

From 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Noon)
Store Opens at 8:00 am - Come early to find a good seat!

Instructed by Tino De La Cruz in the Main Greenhouse


Workshop Price:
$20.00 per Walk In Session
$150.00 for 10 Non-Consecutive Pre-Paid Sessions

Walk Ins are Always Welcome!
Please Check In at the Sales Desk to Sign Up!


2021 Bonsai Workshop Schedule
December 4  &  December 18


2022 Bonsai Workshop Schedule
**** January 8  &  January 22 ****
Note that January 2022 Dates will be on 2nd & 4th Saturday
due to New Year's Day being on 1st Saturday.

February 5  &  February 19
March 5  &  March 19
April 2  &  April 16
May 7  &  May 21
June 4  &  June 18
July 2  &  July 16
August 6  &  August 20
September 3  &  September 17
October 1  &  October 15
November 5  &  November 19
December 3  &  December 17



All Participants Must:

  • Come to the bonsai nursery earlier if they don't already have their own bonsai tree and/or tools to get some before the workshop starts. The store opens at 8:00 am on Saturdays, so participants have up to an hour to grab something beforehand.
  • Bring one or two trees that are either pre-bonsai or one that has been worked on, but has some challenging issues that they would like advice on.
  • Bring their own tools --- at least a pair of sharp fine tipped scissors.
  • Have looked pretty hard at their tree(s) and have some improvement ideas already in mind.
  • Understand that these are in-person and hands-on style sessions. The instructor will work with each participant individually to arrive at a plan and then coach them on how to do it.


Various Bonsai Topics Covered Such As:

  • Trimming and Branch Ramification
  • Repotting, Soil Preparation, Tool Care and Tool Sharpening
  • Preventative Care: Identification of Common Pests & Plant Diseases and How to Treat
  • Dig Up Tree from Ground and Pot It for Bonsai Training
  • Seasonal Bonsai Care: Watering, Fertilization, Sunlight Amounts and Pests
  • Wiring Techniques for Popular Bonsai Styles
  • Restyling or Starting Over
  • Reviewing Pot Styles and Pot Selection for Your Bonsai Tree
  • Creating a Bonsai from Nursery Stock
  • Air-Layer Separation and Replanting


Our goal is to lead participants to do all of the work on their trees.
However, if asked, the instructor will step in for difficult or risky steps.