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Please note that this is a natural product from the Earth. There may be some dust and finer soil particles that form during the shipping process when the third party carrier delivers your order.
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Elvan Stone is a special kind of aggregate soil that we've discovered that adds amazing benefits to any bonsai soil it is mixed into. Since not too many people know about it, we call it the "bonsai soil secret"!

This is for bonsai trees that are grown in areas with low to moderate water quality. It will help clean out any impurities in it and prevent root rot.

Elvan Stone is a type of mineral adamantine stone that is commonly found in deep valleys in various parts of Asia. Often used as an important ingredient in Eastern Medicine for its high amount of beneficial minerals and water purifying qualities. House of Bonsai has tested it for many years in various bonsai soil mixes on our own trees. Based on our bonsai experience, we noticed that when Elvan Stone was added, it boosted the health of the overall tree. It was especially noticed in evergreen and conifer-type bonsai such as junipers and pines to give a more vibrant green color and give brighter hues in fall foliage color-changing types such as maples. How it's able to do this is by strengthening the tree’s root system. With long-term use, you’ll notice more of the fine feeder roots; which are more valued in bonsai cultivation.

This small grain is approximately 1/8 - 3/8 inch in size.

It could be used as a mix into any bonsai soil recipe that you may use or add on top as a topsoil dressing to give a uniform gray appearance for a more polished visual appearance. Since only a small quantity (about 5% - 10% of any bonsai soil recipe) is needed to dramatically improve your bonsai tree's health, we will package this in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box for you to try at home.

It will weigh approximately 18 lbs in its shipping box. You may purchase this large amount to get a slight discount on the total amount of soil, however if you just wish to try out this new bonsai soil, then please purchase our 9 lb size box here.


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Special Notes about Bonsai Soil Packaging for Shipping:

  • All bonsai soils (including imported ones) will be repackaged to better fit into the shipping box. They will be bagged on the inside of the box to keep it clean upon arrival.

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House of Bonsai sources good soil and soil aggregates from The United States of America and imports from various Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, etc. We verify that they are pre-screened and pre-sifted by the manufacturers before we bring them into our bonsai nursery. Please note that most pre-bagged soils will be cut open from their original manufacturer's bag packaging to be re-fitted into a cardboard box for shipping purposes. They are all considered "natural products" as they originate from being dug up and/or mined from the Earth. During the transit process, there may be some dust and finer soil particles that form as the box is being moved from distribution centers, trailers and delivery trucks. We make sure that all soil and soil aggregates that are shipped out to our customers are "clean and unused", so you will get the pure product specified in its product descriptions.