Circle 7.5"Dia x 3"H Bonsai Plastic Training Pot - Set of 5

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Shape: Circle
Outer Diameter: 7.5 Inches
Inner Diameter: 6.5 Inches

Height: 3 Inches
Rim: 0.5 Inch

Material: Plastic
Set Amount: 5 Pots


All of our plastic bonsai training pots are a great economical investment! They're light weight, UV resistant for many years, have lots of water drainage holes at the bottom; so there's no need to use any drainage mesh. It's ready to use! They come in an universal dark brown color for use with any sort of bonsai tree. They are both affordable and durable when compared to ceramic clay pots.

If there's an accident where this pot drops to the floor or gets knocked over, it won't shatter. A good choice for those with pets and small children at home that love to interact with your bonsai trees. Pick up one of these if you wish to expand your bonsai collection in the near future!


Unit Price: $3.50 Per Pot

Set Price: Products $17.50 + USPS Economic Shipping $15.00 = $32.50 Total


Multiple Pots Shipping Discount Notice:
If you're purchasing multiple pots, excluding large pots, your order may be eligible for a shipping discount! Please email us at with your Order # and we will see how much we're able to refund you once we package your pots into boxes for delivery.