Biogold Original Organic Bonsai Fertilizer - Small 900g Bag

Made in Japan
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This stuff is a super popular choice for bonsai lovers all over the world! A long time favorite at House of Bonsai!


NPK: 3.5-3.7-3.3 + Abundant Natural Minerals
Formulation: Pellets
Organic: Yes
Made In: Japan


Biogold Original is a fully fermented organic bonsai fertilizer that's specially made in Japan. It's formulated as an easy to scatter triangular shaped pellets. It's a well tolerated and gentle blend that promotes the longevity and health of any of your bonsai trees. It's also great to use all over your garden on any plants! Including edible fruits and vegetables!

You can either sprinkle them on top of soil around the trunk or you can use it as a fast release liquid solution by dissolving 2-3 pieces per 1 liter of water (or 1.057 quarts of water). The nutrients slowly release for 2-3 months; if used in its whole pellet form for most applications. When they've mostly broken down from watering, you can physically see when to add more fertilizer pellets. For plants that aren't watered often; such as orchids, cacti, succulents, etc; the liquid solution method is preferred.

Because this is an organic and natural product, there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives are used in it. Once the bag is opened, please store it in a secure, cool and dry location. You may notice tiny bits of bacteria/mold-like growth on the pellets develop over time while using it on your trees and plants. However, this is actually a beneficial fungus that will aid in rootball health of all your trees and plants. Please do not discard the product for this reason!

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If you require a larger amount of Biogold Original, please purchase our Large 5kg Bag version, click here.


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