Dyna-Gro Root-Gel - Small 2 oz Jar

SUPERthrive (Merged with Dyna-Gro) - Made in USA
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If you're interested in propagation and creating new trees from cuttings, then this is the perfect product for you!

The gel format is more bio-available to the plant; which makes it up to 10x more effective than the rooting hormone powders that have been in the market for many decades

This product is SO AWESOME that our staff at House of Bonsai have completely switched over to using root gel instead of the old school powder formulation products. WOW!

Step into the future and use the power of science to be more successful in your baby tree making dreams!


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Future Packaging Notice: Please note in that in the future, this product will be named as "SUPERthrive Root Gel - Small 2 oz Jar" since there was a merger between SUPERthrive and Dyna-Gro that occurred sometime around early 2024. It seems that SUPERthrive will be listed on all future products that Dyna-Gro has developed.