Pure Hard Akadama Japanese Clay Ball Soil - Medium (9 to 10mm) 20 lbs / 13 L

Please note that this is a natural product from the Earth. There may be some dust and finer soil particles that form during the shipping process when the third party carrier delivers your order.
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Please note that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is heavily affecting global shipping timelines and restocking accessibility for all products made overseas. Until further notice, we are setting a maximum purchase quantity of 2 bags of any imported soil per one order per day. This is to ensure that all of our customers have a fair chance to buy them if they need them.


Grain Size: 9 - 10 mm


Akadama is a mineral rich granular "clay ball" soil that's highly prized for its plant nutrition and good water retention & drainage in bonsai. It's a bit more expensive than other soils, but this medium truly does do wonders. We recommend that you don't use a 100% or a super high percentage of akadama soil due to its water-holding properties. When dry, it has a light golden to toasted bread brown color that turns reddish brown when wet. Please use a rocky soil (such as lava rock or decomposed granite) in combination with this for optimal usage and to prevent rot rotting from water-logging.

This soil is 100% Pure Hard Akadama that we import from Japan. It has been fired for longer than the Regular Akadama to hold its shape better It will be repackaged to fit into square USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Box. It will weigh approximately 20 lbs.


Price: Product $43.00 + USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Box $20.95 = $63.95 Total

House of Bonsai sources good soil and soil aggregates from The United States of America and imports from various Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, etc. We verify that they are pre-screened and pre-sifted by the manufacturers before we bring them into our bonsai nursery. Please note that most pre-bagged soils will be cut open from their original manufacturer's bag packaging to be re-fitted into a cardboard box for shipping purposes. They are all considered "natural products" as they originate from being dug up and/or mined from the Earth. During the transit process, there may be some dust and finer soil particles that form as the box is being moved from distribution centers, trailers and delivery trucks. We make sure that all soil and soil aggregates that are shipped out to our customers are "clean and unused", so you will get the pure product specified in its product descriptions.