Forest & Raft Pots

This category contains all of our bonsai pots that are more suitable for use in the "forest bonsai" (Korabuki) style. They will be very wide in length but very shallow in height in pot size to better minimize its visual impact when looking at the bonsai.

These pots can also be used in the "raft bonsai" (Yose-ue) style where you train a single tree and lay its trunk down completely on its side and use its branches to make it look like multiple mini-trees are growing closely together in the same pot.


Please note that all of our forest & raft bonsai pots have been further sorted into Low Height "Regular" & Very Low Height "Slim" subcategories if you require a specific height.


Shipping Bonsai Pots Cost:
Due to their breakable nature and often heavy weight for their size, all of our bonsai pots have have manual flat rate shipping costs associated with them. If you're being in multiples, please email us your Order # and we will see how much we're able to refund you once we package your pots into boxes for delivery.