Ilex Crenata 'Geisha' (Geisha Japanese Holly) 4 Inch Pre-Bonsai Tree

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Plant Attributes
Common Name: Geisha Japanese Holly or Box-leaved Holly / Boxleaved Holly / Boxleaf Holly
Botanical Name: Ilex crenata 'Geisha'
Plant Type: Evergreen
Growth Type: Broad Upright
Growth Speed: Slow (About 3 - 5 Inches Per Year)

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 - 8  [ Help! How do I find out my USDA zone? ]
Bonsai Difficulty: Easy

Plant Size
Pot Size: 4 Inch Round

Plant Conditions
Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Soil Type: Well Draining (Please Use Bonsai Soil Mix)
Soil pH: Acidic
Watering: Soak all of the roots inside of the pot and allow to mostly dry out before next deep watering session.

Plant Characteristics
Flowering: Yes
Fruiting: Yes

Ilex crenata, commonly known as Japanese holly or box-leaved holly, is a dense, multi-branched, evergreen shrub with a rounded form that is a good low maintenance option as a small sized bonsai material. It's noted for its glossy, spineless, evergreen, deep green leaves (which are typically sized about 1/2 to 1 1/4" long). They're visually attractive all year. They do produce tiny 4 petaled greenish-white flowers which bloom in small clusters in late spring (around May to June). When the flowers mature, they develop into black rounded somewhat inconspicuous ornamental berries (up to 1/4 inch diameter) which form in fall on pollinated female plants.

'Geisha' is noted for producing yellow ornamental berries in fall as opposed to the more usual purple to red that are on most Japanese Holly variants. It grows somewhat slowly in a rounded mound which makes it a great choice for broom style bonsai. Japanese Holly foliage somewhat resembles boxwoods more than hollies.


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