Japanese Garden Real Wooden Post Rail Decorative Garden Edging Dividers - Flexible & Easy To Install - Tall Height 10 Inch by 3 Feet Length

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Approximate Length: 3 Feet
Approximate Width: 2 Inches Diameter for Each Wooden Post
Approximate Height: Up to 10 Inches

Real Wood: Yes
Appearance: Stained Wood - Light Brown with Dark Wood Grain Patterns
Adjustable: Yes - Very Flexible

Post Pattern: Alternating Heights


For those that want the authenticity of real wood garden edging dividers, this would be the best choice to achieve the look! Convenient AND beautiful!

Many traditional Japanese & Asian Garden Landscaping designs incorporate real wooden posts along the edge of gardens to give a decorative border to the rest of the yard design. However, to install many individual posts all over your yard is very labor intensive and time consuming. Avoid the hassle by opting to use these wooden post rails where you're able to quickly install multiple posts at the same time. They are bound together by long wires to give them the flexibility to adjust to whatever curves and bends your garden edges may have. You can even paint them or carve little designs into them for a truly custom look!

We have this product in both a short height version and this tall height version available for purchase. Since the posts are made from real wood, all of the measurements are approximations due to this being a natural product.


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