Japanese Yokkaichi Creamy White Glazed Lotus 10"L, 11"L & 12.25"L Ceramic Bonsai Pots (3 Piece Set)

Yokkaichi Deluxe Quality Bonsai Pots - Made in Japan
Pot 29-16
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This multiple pot set is a great way to coordinate your bonsai collection!

Small Pot:
 10 Inches

Width: 8 Inches
Height: 3.5 Inches
Inside Depth: 3 Inches

Medium Pot:
 11 Inches

Width: 9 Inches
Height: 3.75 Inches
Inside Depth: 3.25 Inches

Large Pot:
 12.25 Inches

Width: 10.5 Inches
Height: 3.75 Inches
Inside Depth: 3.25 Inches

Color: Creamy White
Finish: Glazed
Shape: Lotus Shape - Oval with Pinched In Corners
Type: Ceramic
Model: #29-16
Made In: Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, Japan

This top quality bonsai pot is made by the Japanese pottery masters from Yokkaichi. For those that wanted a more rounded shape to display their bonsai trees in, this lotus shape is for you! Lotus shape is very similar to an oval shape. However, they have pinched in corners to show that each side is like a flower petal. Feminine pots like this often have soft lines, delicate feet and are relatively low and sleek. A good pairing with this would be a bonsai tree with a curved trunk that has smooth bark and sparse branches. 

If you have multiple sizes of bonsai trees in your collection, getting a set of the same shape and style will help them all match the theme of your choice!

All of our ceramic bonsai pots are great classical choices to contain your bonsai in. They're made from long-lasting well-fired clay that can easily be reused again and again for many years. With its heavier weight, it gives any tree a more solid "put together" appearance when displaying.


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