Natural Round with Rough Bumpy Texture White Granite Stone Water Basin

Made in China
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A water basin with a more natural appearance is a simple round boulder with a basin hole in the middle. Its rough and bumpy surface has a matte finish on its sides. For those who want something more "raw looking" and not so polished, this style is for you!


Material Notice: This stone decoration product is made with top-quality white granite in China. Note that it could have minor flaws due to the granite stone being a natural product from the earth. Each may be slightly different since they are hand-created by trained professional Chinese stone mason artisans.


Approximate Dimensions:

Size: 13 inches Height with 4 inches Deep Basin Hole

Weight: 150 - 200 lbs


Please note that due to its extremely heavy weight, this item is unavailable for regular shipping. You may either come to pick it up in-store or make arrangements to deliver it via freight truck and notify us when the will call occurs.

[DIY Option] If you wish to save money on transporting this item, we recommend renting a one-way cargo van or truck (such as U-Haul or Penske) to move it to your preferred destination. Our staff will assist in loading it into your vehicle. Please be aware that this stone decoration item is hefty and requires multiple strong people to safely move it out of your vehicle and install it on a leveled ground location. 

Please look at the bottom of this product's description for more information on how to pick it up if you can't visit our 5-acre store in person.