New Zealand Dry Sphagnum Moss AA Grade - Medium Compressed Brick Bale

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This AA Grade New Zealand dried sphagnum moss is useful for any air-layering projects or using with orchid plants. It's known to be a versatile product renowned for its long lasting capabilities with an excellent water holding capacity. You can wet some and make a ball around the exposed ring of peeled bark to keep moisture on top of the rooting hormone application. You can also use them to cover the surface of the soil while you make forest and rafting style bonsai until the new roots establish. This is an important ingredient when you make peat muck to create any penjing bonsai, moss ball bonsai (kokedama) and keto soil.

Please note that AA Grade sphagnum moss means that you'll receive approximately 10 cm - 20 cm in length strands in about 50% of the product. The remaining amount may be shorter.

You'll receive a medium sized compressed brick bale that's approximately 6 inches x 9 inches x 3 inches in volume that's been hand wrapped in clear plastic by us. The estimated weight will vary from <11 oz to >12 oz. The actual size and weight of each brick bale can vary greatly since this is about 1/10 of a Huge Super Bulk Bale and this is considered to be a natural product that's highly prone to variations from each production batch from the manufacturer. We cut them down by hand and repackage it to pass on the savings to the customer.

Before using it, you will need to carefully break up the bale with your hands to allow enough surface area for the water to penetrate all of the moss. Be gentle and slow with your fingers. If you try to brute force it to rush this process, you may end up with lots of tiny moss pieces which will be messy to rehydrate and apply for your bonsai/orchid use.


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