Premium Mixed Bonsai Soil Blend with Mycorrhizae, Akadama, Lava Rock, DG, Mulch - Fine 9 lbs

Please note that this is a natural product from the Earth. There may be some dust and finer soil particles that form during the shipping process when the third party carrier delivers your order.
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Due to the ongoing global logistics crisis, (as of 1/19/2022) House of Bonsai is now limiting the purchase of ALL imported bonsai soils to a maximum of 5 bags total per person

We are doing this to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to purchase imported bonsai soils from our limited inventory. Restocking is very slow and may cause certain sizes to not be available for long periods of time.

Any orders containing more than 5 will be subject to a full refund upon review during the fulfillment process. You may purchase either 5 of the same type & size of imported bonsai soil or mix and match whatever your needs are.

We apologize for the major inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time.



Our Premium Mixed Bonsai Soil is custom made by us on-site at House of Bonsai!

It's a premium ready to use soil mix for general purpose bonsai potting for trees such as: Evergreens, Conifers, etc and an special favorite for Japanese Black Pines. This is the amazing soil base we use on all of our specimen bonsai trees in-store.

It contains a handmade mix of akadama, lava rock (scoria), decomposed granite (DG), mulch and mycorrhizae, a beneficial fungus, to promote root growth and health.

You can also add in 10% more akadama or mulch into this mix on your own to create a more deciduous and fruiting bonsai friendly soil mix for holding in more moisture for these trees.

This fine size is used for the upper parts of the bonsai pot. We sell the coarse pre-mix for use on the lower parts as well. It will weigh approximately 9 lbs.


Price: Product $18.00 + USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Cube Box $11.95 = $29.95 Total

House of Bonsai sources good soil and soil aggregates from The United States of America and imports from various Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, etc. We verify that they are pre-screened and pre-sifted by the manufacturers before we bring them into our bonsai nursery. Please note that most pre-bagged soils will be cut open from their original manufacturer's bag packaging to be re-fitted into a cardboard box for shipping purposes. They are all considered "natural products" as they originate from being dug up and/or mined from the Earth. During the transit process, there may be some dust and finer soil particles that form as the box is being moved from distribution centers, trailers and delivery trucks. We make sure that all soil and soil aggregates that are shipped out to our customers are "clean and unused", so you will get the pure product specified in its product descriptions.