SuperMoss Reindeer Moss - Purple Color - Ready to Use - 7" x 8" Bag

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This ready to use reindeer moss is an easy way to elevate your bonsai to the next level!


It's an attractive way to cover the top of the soil for a more established look in its pot. This high quality moss is from SuperMoss; a leader in providing excellent moss to plant lovers. Reindeer moss means that it will be long lasting without having to fuss with misting it constantly to keep it alive. Moss also helps to retain soil moisture for your bonsai's health.

This particular type of moss has a nice fluffy spongey look to it. It has been dyed a "Purple" color for a striking contrast to any bonsai foliage and flowering/fruiting varieties. It has been pre-washed to remove dust and large particles for a clean appearance. It's an ideal choice to dress kusamono & shitakusa (accent plants, companion plants, and complementary plants to bonsai), and other potted plants. This product is long-lasting and may be stored and re-used!

To Use Moss: Pull apart small sections as needed and push them on top of the bonsai's soil surface and/or tuck them tightly around the base of the trunk. Once the moss have been placed to satisfaction, soak them thoroughly with water to help fuse it to the bonsai.

The reindeer moss will be packaged in a 7 inch by 8 inch plastic bag.


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