Classic Style Granite Green Stone Tall Bird Bath (In-Store Pickup Only)

Made in China
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For those that wanted to attract more birds, this would be a luxurious way to do so in your Japanese or Asian Garden Landscaping design!

This particular solid granite stone bird bath is made from a special kind of darker greenish-black speckled granite which is denser than lighter colored granite. It's much more difficult for the stone cutters to work with this stone material. But its harder stone means it will be stronger against the weather and natural outdoor elements wearing it away over a very long period of time.

It has a simple yet classic style that could work with almost any theme that you have. But its splendid dark coloration and striking pattern makes it a head turner to have in your yard!

You could also use this bird bath as a water basin if you paired it with a taller water spout for the water to drop into the bowl and have the water flow over its edges for a mini-waterfall effect.

All of our stone lanterns and water basins are in our special fenced area in the front of the nursery. They are quite heavy since they're made from solid granite. Please make sure you have additional assistance from other people to move them around.

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