Rustic Wabi Boulder Yukimi Stone Lantern - Extra Large (In-Store Pickup Only)

Made in China
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$600.00 (Ex. Los Angeles County, CA Sales Tax)
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Esitmated Height: About 4.0 Feet
Esitmated Width: About 2.25 Feet


Taking inspiration from the wabi-sabi aesthetic (aka finding beauty in being perfectly imperfect), these Yukimi stone lanterns are created from natural boulders using minimal carving to achieve an overall simple yet rustic look.

Each Large Wabi stone lantern is unique as no two boulders are alike. The outer parts have a mottled appearance with a mixture of brown, dark yellow, red, black, white, and dark green. The inner parts have a salt and pepper light gray speckled appearance.

A simple criss-cross pattern has been carved in the front for a decorative rectangle window detail. A light box area has also been carved out in the middle so you can place a real or LED tealight candle in it if you wish. The light that shines through the window pattern is very pleasing to the eye.


(!) Stone Lantern Origin Notice: (!)

Most of our stone lantern items are Japanese replicas that are made from master stonecutters in China. To attempt to bring in the authentic Japanese versions would be extremely expensive; usually 3x to more than 5x the price! Please be aware that these replicas could still run you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars due to the artisan labor to hand-cut them, granite costs, extreme weight, and import costs to bring them over the Pacific Ocean and into our store in Lakewood, CA 90713. We would prefer to continue to have these "Made in China" versions in our store so that our customers are able to enjoy the Japanese aesthetic without costing them a huge fortune to achieve the desired look. Our hopes are to make having a Japanese Garden Landscape design approachable and reasonably priced to the general public.


Price: Product $600.00 >>> This item is specifically priced to be an "in-store pickup only" item!

(To find out the shipping costs, please either inquire in person at the store OR send an email to [email protected] with your full delivery address so we're able to generate shipping quotes. Due to its extreme weight, it will need to be shipped via freight as LTL and either need to be palletized or crated to be secure enough for transport.)


Warnings About Weight of Stone Lantern Items:

All of our stone lanterns, water basins, etc are in our special chain linked fenced section (called the Stone Lantern Area) in the front of the nursery; right next to the Main Greenhouse. Please make sure you have additional assistance from at least 2 strong people to move them. You must bring a large cargo van or pickup truck to do the in-store pickup. Smaller vehicles may be rejected due to transport safety concerns. Our staff will assist in loading them in by either heavy-duty cart or forklift. They are cumbersome and absolutely require a team lift to safely transport them.

We recommend that you bring in long ropes and/or ratcheting tie-downs to better secure the item(s) in the back of your vehicle. You are responsible for further securing your item(s). If they slide around too much during driving, it may damage the stone lantern item via cracks in the solid stone. Please exercise extreme caution as you unload them from your vehicle and position them in your yard. House of Bonsai can not be held responsible for any damages that are noticed and/or occurred while the item(s) has been in your physical possession once you leave the store. We also can not be held responsible for any physical harm that may occur to your body due to improper lifting and moving techniques.

If you bring in a smaller vehicle that doesn't pass our staff's approval, we will gladly hold your item(s) for up to 1 week free of charge until you're either able to bring in a larger vehicle to pickup at a later time or make delivery arrangements with our store. Any stone lantern items that aren't claimed within 1 week of purchase may be subject to a refund due to the inability to claim the item(s).