Cotoneaster 'Cranberry' Shohin Curved Trunk Pre-Bonsai Tree - 1 Gallon

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Species: Cotoneaster apiculatus
Age: About7 to 8 Years
Height: About 8 to 9 Inches
Trunk Size: About 1/8 Inch
Lighting: Full to Partial Sun
Type: Semi Evergreen
Difficulty: Easy


This easy to care for tree has slender glossy dark green leaves. They have a bit of a leathery texture to them. In the summer, they produce an abundant amount of small white flowers that grow into shiny bright red berries. These ornamental berries are bigger on this variety versus other cotoneasters. They're able to keep their blooms and fruit for many months into late fall During the colder months, please keep it in a warmer spot to avoid frost damage as it's sensitive to the cold.

This small shohin sized pre-bonsai has already been trained to have a curved trunk. With this species, it's easy to construct fine branch ramification. It has strong growth during the warmer months and can easily get bigger if repotted into a bigger pot.


Please note that depending on what time of year it is and what the recent weather has been like at House of Bonsai (located in Lakewood, CA 90713), this may or may not have any flowers or ornamental berries. We can not guarantee that it will have flowers by the time you need to purchase it to be used as a quick gift for yourself or someone you care about due to seasonal behavior changes.


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