Kishu Shimpaku Grafted Onto Prostrada Juniper Specimen Bonsai Tree [SAMPLE]

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All trees listed in our "Old Bonsai for Viewing Only" category will never be for sale ever again. They are a sample of our past work we've done at House of Bonsai.
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[This specific bonsai tree is posted online as a "sample" of one of our old specimen bonsai we had for sale in the past. Please note that this item will never be for sale again as it takes us decades to produce a specimen of this high quality and caliber. All specimen bonsai images will have a watermark on them to give credit to our hard work and artistry.]


Species: Juniperus Chinensis 'Shimpaku' grafted onto Juniperus communis 'Prostrata'
Estimated Age: Over 35+ Years Old
Height: About 20 Inches
Width: About 18 Inches
Trunk Size:  About 3 Inches
Lighting: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Type: Evergreen
Difficulty: Medium to Hard

This is gorgeous specimen bonsai is one of our last remaining pieces from when we used to host bonsai masters from overseas to stay with us for several months out of the year in the early 2000s. Some Shimpaku Juniper branches have been grafted onto a healthy Prostrada Juniper trunk to develop this hybrid specimen bonsai tree. We wanted to combine the finer foliage of the Shimpaku onto the hardier base of the Prostrada to make this harmonic combination of junipers for a more interesting look while on display.


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