Liquid Lime Sulfur 29% Concentrate for Bonsai Jin and Shari - 16oz / 1 pint - Large Economic Size

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Liquid Lime Sulfur for Bonsai Use: Helps Preserve Exposed Deadwood on Bonsai and Creates Natural Bleached Look on Jin & Shari

Large Economic Size for Multiple Bonsai Trees for Many Years! Each bottle contains approximately 16 oz which is equivalent to 1 US pint.


Ingredients: (Not For Use As A Pesticide)
Calcium Polysulfide 29% + Inert Ingredients 71% = 100%

Warning: Please Use This Product With Extreme Caution!

In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with warm soapy water and rinse well with warm water for at least 15 minutes.

Store Away From Light and Heat. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Hazardous Material. Harmful If Swallowed. Avoid Contact with Eyes and Skin. Use Only In Well Ventilated Areas. Wear Protective Eyewear & Gloves During Application.

How to Use Lime Sulfur:
First, let the peeled wood dry for a few days before first application. Cover the entire soil & root area from drips with at least two layers of plastic wrap. Do not dilute it further as this percentage is "ready to use" on your tree. Use very small nylon brush or disposable detailed paintbrush as application tool. These are available for purchase at any arts & crafts area of a big box retailer store for a cheap price. You can either dip the brush right into bottle or pour out small amount into a non-porous container. Please be careful when pouring from bottle as any spills may cause discoloration on surface. Apply one layer with brush onto dried peeled wood parts. Avoid brush contact on live bark and foliage as they may discolor. Within one month, apply another layer for best results. Only need to do touch up applications once to twice a year after initial application.

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Please note that for shipping safety, we will apply an adhesive tape on the cap to help prevent any spills from occurring during transit. It will need to be cut through with either a sharp knife or scissors to break the tape seal before first use.