Twisted Pomegranate (Punica granatum 'Nejikan') Specimen Bonsai Tree - 2024 Release #5

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Plant Attributes

Common Name: Twisted Pomegranate
Botanical Name: Punica granatum 'Nejikan'
Plant Type: Deciduous (But can act like evergreen in tropical areas)
Growth Type: Multi-Stem Shrub
Growth Speed: Moderate
USDA Hardiness Zone: 7 - 11 [ Help! How do I find out my USDA zone? ]
Bonsai Difficulty: Easy
Maintenance Level: Low - For the most part, pomegranate is major trouble free!


Plant Size & Description

Special Name: Twisted Pomegranate Specimen Bonsai - 2024 Release #5
Pot Size:
Fabric Grow Pot - 5 Gallon
Estimated Age: About 20+ Years
Estimated Height: About 17.0 Inches
Estimated Width: About 17.0 Inches
Estimated Trunk Size (Measured 1" Up From Rootbase): About 2.5 Inches
Estimated Rootbase / Root Flare / Nebari: About 4.25 Inches
Special Remarks: N/A


Plant Growth Conditions

Sun Exposure: Full Sun (Preferred) to Mostly Sun
Soil Type: Well Draining (Please Use Bonsai Soil Mix)
Soil pH: Slightly Acidic to Neutral
Watering: Soak all of the roots inside the pot and allow them to dry out mostly before the next deep watering session. Water more frequently during flowering and fruiting months. But water sparingly during winter dormancy.
Fertilizer: Apply about every 20 days from early spring to autumn; especially during the active fruiting period to maintain showy visual interest. But don't fertilize while the tree is flowering.
Pruning & Wiring Tips: Pruning can best be done during winter dormancy when there are no leaves in the way. During spring, new shoots can be trimmed when they have reached a length of approximately 4" - 6" (about 10cm - 15cm). If you want many flowers to develop though, don't trim the shoots before flowering, because the flower buds grow only at the tips of the new shoots. Don't let too many fruits develop in order not to weaken the tree's overall health. Wiring is easiest when there are no leaves on the tree. Old branches are quite stiff and brittle, but younger twigs are flexible and can be shaped easily for bonsai training.
Common Pests & Diseases Concerns: Aphids, scale, whiteflies, and mealy bugs may be attracted to it.
Fungal and root rot issues may form if it doesn't have well draining soil or it's being overwatered.
Special Care Notes: The foliage and fruit will drop if exposed to frost conditions. 


Plant Characteristics

Flowering: Yes, it will produce orange-red trumpet shaped flowers usually around mid to late summer.
Fruiting: Yes, it will produce small showy pomegranate fruits about 2" to 4" in diameter. It will bear miniature fruit if grown in areas with year-round temperatures that rarely fall below 45° F at night.
Can I eat the fruit? We don't recommend it since the fruit is small and meant to be ornamental (AKA just for looks). In general, they will be less juicy and have more seeds than edible fruit parts but they're nonetheless edible if you wanted to sample them. They're probably not going to be super tasty like the big "found in a market" ones though.
Leaves / Foliage: Small and glossy with simple, usually opposite, lanceolate and entire, with a blunt or pointed tip. New leaf shoots have purple-red color but turn into green as they mature and lengthen.
Bark: It's greyish-brown in color and smooth textured on young trees. But with age, it gets grooved and flaky on the trunk and primary branches.
Unique Trait: Has small thin thorns so make sure to wear protective gloves when handling its branches!


The fun thing about Twisted Pomegranates are that their trunks will twist on itself as it continues to mature in age! This specimen has done a lot of growing with us at House of Bonsai so it's starting to show the very first signs of the highly sought after trunk twist lines. Recommended for bonsai lovers that live in warmer regions for the best appearance all year round!

Please note that we will shipping them in their fabric grow pots as seen in the photos. By agreeing to purchase this specific tree, you are taking it in an "as-is" condition based on its photos. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

This particular tree is part of our 2024 release of specimen bonsai trees. The photos were taken around the 1st week of April 2024. Please make sure to check out the other Twisted Pomegranate Specimen Bonsai Tree listings that have been uploaded around the same time. As soon as they are purchased, (whether that's in person at our 5-acre store, direct website or eBay store), we will retire the listing and move it to our "Old Bonsai for Viewing Only" section on our direct website for historical reference purposes.


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